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PRFRR – VII | Why I’ll never invest in Structured Notes and how to invest in bonds? | @Bhuvan Gupta

"Structured Notes are not for retail investors who prefer a safety of capital. These can be a good investment opportunity for professional and institutional investors since they understand the risk associated with these exotic products. Structured Notes are a highly unique hybrid investment vehicle and they are not capital guaranteed and one can beat their […]

PRFRR – VIII | Myth of Value Vs Growth Investing | @Bhuvan Gupta

investing is practically as old as investing itself. So long as people have been buying stocks, there have been different investing strategies built to recognize value and make money as everyone else wises up to the fact that it is there. But is one approach to investing better? In this video, we break down: - […]

PRFRR – IX | How to interpret Earning Calls and Earning Release? | @Bhuvan Gupta

A publicly listed company is mandated by regulation to release quarterly financial report. An earnings call supplements these reports with a qualitative commentary by the top management of the company on how the business fared and their expectations going forward. This interaction provides an in-depth understanding of a company’s business model, growth drivers, thought process […]

PRFRR – X | My Insight from the Berkshire Hathaway AGM 2021 | @Bhuvan Gupta

What creates interest is not the Berkshire Hathaway BRK.B +0.7% annual meeting itself. That formal shareholder meeting is a dry 30-minute corporate event that’s essentially an add-on to the real show. The highlight is Buffett and Munger holding court and taking questions for three and a half hours. Impressive Growth 2020 was a year when […]

Expert Talk on Financial Literacy – JSSPS SPARK

Promoting Prudent Financial Practices: Essential for Aspiring Entrepreneurs A fascinating and educational seminar for Financial Literacy was conducted by the Entrepreneurship club- JSSPS SPARK. In this Expert Talk, Mr. Bhuvan Gupta, Founder of Client First Capital elaborated on Risk and Return, how money grows and many more contemporary topics. It was a novel initiative to upgrade […]